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  2. Himalaya is not in India it’s in Nepal 😒 guys if you haven’t been there why would you even suggest!!

  3. ugh..

  4. Vote here for which country I have to travel to

  5. Almost all these tips are crap. Either boring places or third world sh*tholes.

  6. Have a look ❤👍you will love it 😊😍🔔

  7. This is awesome information for me because after I met my husband I've fallen in love with travelling. I even started my own YouTube channel "Wanderlust Keva" So this channel is perfect for my future planning😍

  8. You clearly haven't been to Lisbon in a decade. It's massively overun by tourism now. yeah it's been discovered a while ago. Also apart from the tram pic the other pics are Porto, Peniche and Faro. Also train to Lisbon? lol. probably not since the 60's people do this. There are plenty of flights to Lisbon FYI. In the Sarajevo part it is Mostar in the pic.


  10. You forgot the center of the earth, best place I ever been. If you can I recommend go there. They still have the dodo bird.

  11. Thailand is the best!

  12. Can go to Montreal for free I love in Canada Ontario

  13. Please subcribed my new blog because i wanna travel too❤️😃🙏

  14. The review isn't good.

  15. Amazing quality and informational video. Pleasure to watch

  16. I live an hour+ from Montreal and have been there many times. It's not cheap, like at all. Great place but definitely shouldn't be on this list. Also this list depends on where you are starting from. It doesn't matter if South Africa is cheap to be in if the plane ticket is expensive.

  17. Love from Nepal

  18. Good video, but Montreal not the capital of Quebec, Quebec City is

  19. I tavke for free

  20. For Bulgaria you placed a photo of Peles Castle, which is in Romania, in Transilvania. This makes me wonder how accurate the information in this video is…I liked this channel but now I don't trust it anymore.

  21. idiots. dont fallow this. non-professional . not a cheap top, wrong pictures. how did you made this top?

  22. Awesome! Thank you!!

  23. Where’s puerto Vallarta ?? In Mexico

  24. these trust fund rich kids annoy me. get a real job

  25. It’s so beautiful~

  26. Armenia!

  27. You two look like butt buddies🖓

  28. Hi guys, just FYI – I am Polish, so it hit me pretty hard, when I saw you talking about Kraków (eng. Cracow), while displaying pictures of Gdańsk (Gdansk). Gdańsk is located in the Northern part of Poland, riiiight by the sea side, whereas Cracow is in the south 😉 Please consider reediting the video, if possible.
    No offence – the rest is super interesting! 🙂

  29. what about Slovenia hahahhaahha

  30. you missed Sri Lanka

  31. Yes Thialanad is cheap and beautiful.

  32. What happened with Peru?????

  33. wish there was prices included

  34. They used a Photo of Japan Kamakura's Buddha when refering to Nepal

  35. 1:12 Vietnam🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳

  36. Pakistan is a cheapest ,super safe , beautiful country for tourist , watch my videos you cant believe

  37. 👍🏼💯💯💯

  38. Dudes… 12:29 You're talking about Bulgaria but you're showing Castle Peles from Romania? :))) Too funny!

  39. I come from Vietnam. It’s a peace and amazing countries. Welcom to Việt Nam! Everyone ❤️❤️❤️

  40. 10:57 beaches of Albania more like hvar

  41. Nice video 🙂
    Very Saturday am uploading videos. Travel/Tech/Life Style Video lovers are most welcome 🙂
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  42. Awww thanks ♥️ guys for shouting out my home town of New Orleans. I recommend to come during Mardi Gras.

  43. Hot water spring in jungle

  44. I go to Ecuador every year,

  45. Hot water spring in the jungle

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