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  1. Shanghai is the new face of China, if you expected to move around in oxcarts, people wearing Chinese hats, eating rice, well is 2019 , Chinese cities changed , that's the new China, the old communist China is almost all gone across the most of cities.

  2. Shanghai , Athens Amsterdam really?

  3. Most overrated attraction in Paris is Disneyland Paris!

  4. Were a little understated on how unpleasant London is.

  5. London, disagree with you.
    Los Angeles should have been on this list.

  6. The Sydney Symphony Orchestra is moving from the Opera House to the Sydney Town Hall in search of better acoustics.

  7. I've been to Paris and London. London is a gem by comparison.
    Paris is a rude, dirty, unwelcoming, lonely, unfriendly anti-American city.
    London has had its days. It used to be the dirtiest city with ground and water pollution killing thousands. Their air isn't the best, but the air, water and ground pollution is much worse in Paris.

  8. True, france can suck. But then that has been the case for centuries and centuries. lol. BUt mainly, this is just funny to hear. This dude literally just took a massive economical SHITE of the tourist trade across most of the world. ROFLOLMAO!!! WELL MET FELLOW BASTICH! ^,;,^

  9. I lived on a houseboat in Amsterdam for years. I absolutely adored the city.

  10. Wow! I spent a magic week at Amsterdam, enjoying great, meeting people from the world over, and great times. It is the most civilizated place on the world.

  11. Las Vegas. It's just a filthy shopping mall that reeks of cigarettes.

  12. Well you just promoted the world's most famous cities. I suppose they'll get even more toursts now.

  13. "In spots" and "hot destinations" all have life expectancies. Popularity results in overcrowding and an influx of grifters, drifters and thieves looking for a piece of the pie…

  14. Sydney…100% right!!! Over rated pile of crap. You've got the Opera House, then there's the beaches, and after that…. dreck!!! Sydney looks as if it was built by people on day release from the happy factory, and designed the same way. This is true. Sydney has the harbour, the city and the bush. That's it. It's the most boring place I've seen, and I've been stuck in an elevator for an hour with a Frenchman….!!!

  15. I agree that London is a bit of (in the words of Max Brooks) an architectural mongrel, but imho, it is surprisingly charming.

  16. You forgot about Athens’ graffiti

  17. Surprised Venice isn't on the list.. Maybe I'll visit that.

  18. Los Angeles needed to be on this list

  19. Totally agree with sydney. the best thing about going there, is leaving. rude people,a city without a personality, average food, far too overpriced for what you get.

  20. You probably want Jeremy clarkson to be your bff

  21. London, I live in Lincolnshire and a friend of mine from Belgium had visited a couple of times without his wife for beers/gaming something his wife was not interested in. He then told me she too wanted to visit the UK to "see what it was like" and so they were planning a trip to London. My response was simply if you want to see what the UK is like do not visit London, as it is not in anyway representative of the UK. Try York for England at least and the rest of the UK has far better cities and places to explore than London which IMHO is not typical of the UK at all.

  22. I'll go to Cincinnati then

  23. Athens's ruins too ruined for ya? Efforts to stabilize them distracting? You were expecting a manicured theme park?

  24. I thought Youngstown, OH was going to make the list.

  25. I can’t speak for anyone but myself, and I’ve only been to Paris and NYC from this list, but I absolutely adored both places. Paris was lovely and magical and I actually found Parisians to be quite helpful.
    NYC was absolutely thrilling, it was more than I could have ever imagined. I understand it’s definitely not for everyone but I loved the hustle and bustle and all the people and noise, it just has such an amazing energy and vibe to it. I was absolutely smitten and didn’t ever want to leave. In fact I’m already planning another trip back cause I loved it so much!

  26. Los Angeles/Hollywood should be #1 on any list of overrated cities.

  27. Wow. I felt I was going to argue with your choices (or the statistics) but nope! Pretty spot on 🙂 BUT why is Las Vegas not on here? I LOATHE that place 😉

  28. I would call these the top 10 most underrated cities. So, to me its the reverse

  29. here’s a cheat sheet:
    10. Paris
    9. Rome
    8. Sydney
    7. London
    6. New York City
    5. Shanghai
    4. Rio de Janeiro
    3. Barcelona
    2. Athens
    1. Amsterdam
    thank me later

  30. So pretty much every single well known city in the world is over-rated.. That's what I got in this video.

  31. You have got to be kidding me right now. Is this list a joke?

    A couple of points where I absolutely do not agree with you:
    1. Why are these opinions stated as facts? Maybe you should mention that it's merely an opinion before you start your list.
    2. Have you or whoever made this list ever visited these cities, because it just doesn't make sense to me. How can you make an accurate list of your opinions when you haven't visited them all?
    3. Why are mostly European cities on this list? Are you actually kidding me?
    Europe has one of the most beautiful architecture in the world, YES Amsterdam as well, with such rich history. I think you didn't use the right criteria here. What a city has to offer in terms of architecture, history, culture etc is way more important to me than some locals who don't treat you like a prince. I mean who cares, really…
    4. How are there not more American cities on this list? Is this because you're American or for another reason? I've been to multiple American cities and I must say, these disappointed me more often than not. LA unfortunately has to be the most boring, heartless city I've ever been to.

    Well, this was all I have to say. I don't agree with your list but it's a nice effort. Maybe make another when you've actually experienced Europe because some cities (like Paris and Rome) have definitely impressed me. Have a nice day.

  32. this man talked about rio without once saying the word favela. atleast research your topic jheez

  33. Overrated video…..

  34. Barcelona London and New York are great cities for sure

  35. Disregard this vlog entirely.. The opposite is true… Stupid critic of great cities..

  36. First off. Paris is “The City of Light” not lights! Look it up.
    I’ve been to every city you discussed except Sydney. Yes they may have some of the negative points you mentioned. But they also have so many positive as to compensate. Btw – NY City is the most electric and exciting city in the world.

  37. I’ve been to Amsterdam twice. It has beautiful architecture.

  38. 12:03 that's just another reason to go.

  39. Bullfighting was banned in Barcelona(Catalonia) a long time ago.

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